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  1. Venkata Raghavendra 25. Feb, 2011 at 1:31 pm

    Simply superb no where we find this much of stuff

  2. simply suberb website very usefull to all HR/IR/ADMIN KUDOUS TO D OWNER OF D WEBSITE NO WORDS TO SAY.



  3. Thank u so much for who’s created this website.


  4. i am very glad to surf this HRindya website because i got a very huge knowledge about HR practices

  5. Dear Friends,
    I am working as a RSM-West & AP in one Distribution Company for Electronic Security Products at Mumbai. Our company size is 17 people including 2 directors. My company has put a clause in my appointment letter that if I want to quit I need to give 90 days notice but if company want to terminate my job, it will give only 15 days notice.
    Is this legally valid? & If I have to quit within one year then I have to pay my one month salary to company.
    Please let me know is these clause valid? can company put their hands off by giving just 15 days notice?? I was not told about this clause during interview and after joining my company almost after a month they gave me my appointment letter and in it was mentioned like that.

    Please guide me friends. Thanks in advance.

  6. Hi Anish,

    The contract is valid but that specific clause regarding notice period is highly tilted in favour of the management and therefore can be challenged. What should ideally be the situation is that both should have similar termination conditions.