Display of Notices


  • The Notices have to be displayed at a position nearest to the main entrance gate.
  • They should be prominently placed and visible to the employees concerned.
  • They have to be signed/authorized copies
  • They have to be updated

The following formats have to be necessarily placed in the Notice Board. Few formats/ notices have been hyperlinked. Please click on the necessary forms to obtain the Form/ Format.

Notices under Factories Act

  • Name of  Occupier of the Factory
  • Name & Address of Manager of Factory
  • Form 11 – Notice of Periods of Work - Form 11 (as per AP Rule)
  • Name of the Inspector having jurisdiction in the area
  • Abstract of the Factories Rules of the concerned State where the Factory is situated.

Notices under Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act, 1970 – Only applicable to establishments engaging Contract Labour

  • Copy of Registration Certificate of the Establishment
  • Abstract of the Act

Notices under Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972 – Applicable to all establishments

Notices under Payment of Wages Act & Minimum Wages Act – Applicable to all establishments

  • Notice of Rates of Wages
  • Notice of Hours of Work
  • Wage Period
  • Date of Payment of Wages
  • Date of Payment of undisbursed wages
  • Name & Address of Labour Inspector having jurisdiction

Standing Orders

  • Model/ Certified Standing Orders

12 Responses to “Display of Notices”

  1. display noticeboard of the payment of gratuity act,1972.

  2. Dear Pradeep,
    Is it a Query or comment. Could you kindly elaborate.

  3. Mangesh Wakodkar 30. May, 2011 at 10:45 am

    Dear Sir,
    I am not clear about the form 11 ,under factory act for adult worker.Please i will be grateful of you if you reply me the details with example how to fill this form.

  4. Hi Mangesh,

    Sorry for the delay in the response.

    Form 11 is categorizing all the workers as per their time of their appearence for work. So depending on the shift you can include the strength under each relay. Here ‘worker’ means all including Managers Officers, clerical staff, workers and also contract workers. The other objective of Form 11 is that, in case of an emergency one should be able take a roll call of the persons within the premises at any given point of time and the number should tally with the numbers shown in that shift (excluding employees on leave and tour).

  5. Dear Praveenji,

    Thanks for your reply.I am also sorry for responding you late here.I am still not clear about the Form 11.What exactly mean of Relay-Shift or rest day.

    Which date is to be mentioned in the form.

  6. Sir,
    Does it apply to the whole of India??

  7. Hi Veera,

    It applies to the whole of India.

  8. richa agrawal 23. Mar, 2012 at 2:29 pm

    i want to ask ques. related to resume..should we have to mention mother’s name in our resume ???

  9. Dear Richa,

    Mother’s name is not relevent in a resume.

  10. can u give the abstracts available address in hyderabad???

  11. Respected Sir,

    Please guide me for Railway Contract, about all related document and procedure for sooth working with Govt Officer . As i am joining recently new job.

    Please give me guidance how to start and finish LL RELATED WORKS OF HR.

    yours faithfully,
    +91 99988 76125

  12. Hi Digesh,

    Your main areas of concern should be Contract LAbour related management and handling conciliation’s. The ID Act and the Contract Labour Act should be your immediate basic requirement.