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Protection Of Women Against Sexual Harassment At Work Place Bill 2010

This bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha amidst hue and cry over the 2G spectrum scam. In between all this chaos, the minister for state for WCD, Krishna Tirath stated “With more and more women joining the workforce, both in organised and unorganised sectors, ensuring an enabling working environment for women through legislation is [...]

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Amendment to the Industrial Disputes Act

Industrial Disputes (Amendment) Act 2010 has come into force with effect from 15.9.2010. Following are the changes

Amendment of the term “appropriate Government” defined under section 2(a) of the Act
Enhancement of wage ceiling for coverage of a person of Supervisory category from Rs.1600 per month to Rs.10,000 under section 2(s) of the Act;
Providing access [...]

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Govt’s bid to amend Contract Labout Act

Living up to its populist image and with an attempt to surge industrial growth the Govt looks at amending the  Contract Labour Act of 1970. The intended change is to bring the salaries of the contract labour at par with those of the permanent workmen of the respective Company. This amendment further suggest to give [...]

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