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Welcome to this Website for the Industrial Relations Managers.

It is more than 15 years that my tryst with HR began. My first HR assignment brought me face to face to the stark realities of the market expectations from a HR Professional. My HR qualification laid the foundation, but that was not enough. I scrambled for India specific HR information and knowledge on how to do and handle things right. It didn’t come easy for me and I had to learn it the hard way; mistake – learn – new mistake- new learning. But in a whole, a learning experience.

As years passed, this tryst with HR turned into a passion for it. Today HR Professionals are faced with tasks that leaves little or no time for one to scramble for basic essential HR information. A requirement for a one stop place for a HR Profession for such requirements gave birth to HR Indya.

HR Indya at is an effort to provide the HR Professional with a store house of all the basic HR funda’s required by an Industrial Relations Manager. The bare acts, the forms, the formats, know how’s and HR articles; it’s all here.

I also try to answer questions from the visitors who post their HR related queries. This in a whole is a fulfilling HR experience and I wish to also make the HR profession equally enjoyable to all the HR Professionals. This website is purely an attempt to Share and Learn; the more you Share the more you Learn.

R Praveen Kumar

Disclaimer: This website is only intended to provide information to HR Professionals and is neither an advise nor solicitation. It is not a complete analysis of the information provided. Readers should not rely solely on this information, but should make their own inquiries before making any decisions. No responsibility is accepted for any errors or omissions or results of any actions based upon this information.

8 Responses to “Author’s Desk”

  1. Dear Praveen,

    your website is very good and helpful for HR’s.

    Can you please help me to develop the website what we have to do and “© 2013 HR Indya. All Rights Reserved”. Where to register the above marked one.

    waiting for your reply.


  2. Hi Dilep,

    I would suggest you contact Mr Clement at

  3. hi,

    Thank you for the help.


  4. ravindra pareek 08. Feb, 2014 at 3:28 pm

    Dear Praveen, i appritiate your efforts and zeel.
    Try to include a Advise corner for all HR Professional and also some e learning course so people can upgrade thier skill.
    if needed can help/support you.


  5. Hi Praveen,

    You you please share a note on applicability of Payment of Wages Act to AP Shops & Establishment Act. Similarly, IE Standing Orders Act to AP Shops & Establishments Act. Thank you,

    Vara Prasad ([email protected])
    Hyderabad # 9396530999

  6. Hi Sir,

    I hope ur doing well,

    I have small doubt i want to know which form we have to use for labour welfare found, Form “D” or Form “F”.

    Because in statutory timeline mentioned have to use form “F”.

    Kindly let me know the which form we have to use.

    Thanks& regards,

  7. Dear Praveen,

    I am really feel pleasure that after a long time, I have found that such type of informative site for HR professional…

    Thank You,

  8. ravindra pareek 09. Apr, 2015 at 12:55 pm

    Dear Praveen,
    See your efforts & Contents. Many thanks for sharing info.
    Lets Start few more development in website like Q&A, Latest Changes, Expert Advise. WhatsApp Group.
    Need support, i am also available for any assistance.