PF Act Forms

Employees Provident Fund & Misc Provisions Act, 1952;

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Applicable to Establishments engaging 20 or more employees.

8     Form for registration under EPF – Form for Registration of EPF

8     Business Number Form – BN_Business_No_form_of_EPF

8     Form2 -  Employee nomination to EPF – Form 2 for employee nomination to EPF

8     Form 3A – Contribution Cards for un-exempted establishments –  Form 3A

8     Form 5A – Return of Ownership to be sent to the Regional Commissioner – Form 5A

8     Form 6A – Consolidated Annual Contribution Statement – Form 6A

8     Form 10 – Return of Members leaving service during the month – Form 10

8     Form 12A – Statement of Contribution for un-exempted establishments – Form 12-A

8     Form 31 – For advance from PF – Form 31

8     Form 13 – Application for transfer of EPF Account – Form 13 revised

8     Form 10C – Withdrawal of PF – Form 10 C

8     Form 10D -  Withdrawal from Pension Fund – Form 10 D

8     Form 19 – Withdrawal of provident fund – Form 19

How to withdraw your Provident Fund amount (for employees)

This is one of the most disturbing question of employees leaving Organizations – ‘How do i get back my PF amount?’

Now that is more simple than it is usually conceived to be. The first question one needs to ask oneself is that ‘Do you really want to withdraw the PF saving or simply transfer it to the new PF account with the new Employer?’ If the new employer you joined with does not have a PF account or you in fact you decide to while away your time then you still have 2 options!!

Option 1 – Withdraw the PF amount using the following 2 Forms

  • Form 19 – For withdrawal of Provident Fund Amount
  • For 10 C – For withdrawal of Pension Amount; But now, if you have already put in more than 10 years of contribution in PF then what you need is Form 10 D instead to withdraw the Pension amount.

Option 2 – Opt for a scheme certificate in lieu of withdrawal and transfer it to the the PF account of your new employer you wish to join later.

Now if you don’t wish to opt for any of the above and you only want to transfer your PF account with the new employer, i would say that this is a wise decision because there is no saving account in India which gives you a better interest rate than PF and secondly you can later opt for loan for housing, marriage, etc too. Well if this is your decision, then it is Form 13 (Revised) that you need. Just fill in the said form, get your present employers  (authorized signatory) signature and forward the same to your previous employer. The PF amount in your previous employers PF account would get transferred to your present PF account.

Now if you have quit your employer and are going to submit your PF withdrawal Form, this is what you need to do to know the status of your PF claim…… just jot down your mobile number on top of the Form 19 (PF withdrawal form). The PF department claims that this will help you in getting to know the status of your claim

36 Responses to “PF Act Forms”

  1. good understanding for withdrawl…but i want to know thwat in case of form 13 revised we have to pay (our employee who had left the job)that part of her PF deduction from slary we did?

  2. Transfer of the PF money includes both the employer as well as employer contribution.

  3. what are the documents have to attached with form 13 from the employer side?

  4. Hi Surupa,

    No documents are required. Only 2 sets of the Form 13 (revised) have to be filled and submitted to the old employer through your new employer.

  5. Hello praveen,

    Thanks for your reply, can u plz tell me the transfer process of PF fund? and another thing why 2 sets whom 2 submit…. Actually the thing is I am looking after the PF portion in our company some ex-employees want 2 transfer their PF fund and I am confused in doing this formalities? plz help and tell me d formalities which I need to do this ……

  6. Sorry for the delayed reply. The procedure is that 2 sets of form 13 need to be used for the filing purpose at the PF office. The application form is self explanatory. If you still find some part difficult you may contact me at 9940132220

  7. What is the usage of form 11.Is it mandatory to get the form filled up by all employees even if somebody does not want to get his pf deducted

  8. Hi Roy,

    Could you clarify as to Form 11 in which Act are you referring to? There is no form as such for employees as Form 11 as the PF Act is the balance sheet.

  9. Its under pf act
    As in my company ,we are getting form 11 filled by each and every employee.I am bit confused whether is it right or not?


  10. sir i am a fresher and i recently joined a company as a hr head.i am the only who responsible to deal with various industrial relation and employees relation your website has a excellent remedies to deal with various tedious problems of employees like pf and esic proceedures. i take a heip of your website to take a appropriate action according to various labour lawa of india.

  11. Hi Sunny,

    Thanks for your encouraging remarks. This website is in fact designed to cater to the needs of HR Managers in their job, with a practical approach.

  12. Hi,

    I have similar question which Roy has, FORM 11 (Declaration whether the employee has been the member of PF or not, or if he was a member than has he withdrawn PF or not).

    some organisations or employees (unexempted) who do not wish to contribute towards PF, employees require to fill in the FORM 11 to declare that they are not the member of PF. Is it a right practice?

  13. MOHD AFTAB ALAM 09. Jan, 2012 at 4:17 pm


  14. Please download it from the website.

  15. Sir,
    Which documents attached to 10c form for pf withdrawal

    plz send the reply

  16. Hi Sharad,

    You will have to attach bank account passbook photocopy as document. The rest is for your employer to do.

  17. Sir;

    i have 12 years service in my office. so which form i want to use to withdraw my PF give me your suggession.

    some of them say 10C and Some of them Say 10D.

    i am 35 years old now. i am switching over to next company.

  18. Hi Rameswaran,
    If you are joining another company which is also covered under PF the i would suggest that you transfer your PF using Form 13 (revised). But if that company does not have pf then you can either withdraw the PF using form 19 and form 10D. In case you wish to retain the PF account and then later on use it join another organization with PF then you should apply for scheme certificate in lieu of withdrawal. For that you should use form 10C.
    Check this link for more info

  19. Dear Friends,

    Any body says What is the procedure of withdrawl Pansion and PF amount to PF office. Kindly give me the procedure and supporting documents are required.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Balai Sarkar

  20. Hi Balai,

    I hope you will get all your replies to the following link in the website :

  21. Hi,

    I have left my Employer in July 2008 & joined a new organisation but i have never claimed my PF, I want to claim the PF now as iam in need of money, can i claim the PF now & what is the proceedure.

  22. Hi Abhishek,

    All you need to know is your PF account code and where the remittence was made. YOu can call the HR/Admin of that previous company and get the details. Thereafter you need to include those particulars in
    1) Form 10 C (if you have not completed 10 years of service in that Org) OR 10 D (if you have completed 10 years of service in that Org) – For Pension contribution
    2) Form 19 – For Provident Fund contribution

  23. Hi sir,
    My last company does not signed in my pf settlement form so I got attested from gazette officer in form19 and form10C.After that I applied few days before form 10C approved but still form 19 is under the process .pls tell why form19 under the process still and how long it’s take time.pls reply sir as soon as possible.

  24. Hi Ramakrishnan,

    I will not be able to comment on why the Form 19 is not being processed by the PF Authorities. You can directly approach the concerned PF office and find out as they are obliged to respond to you.

  25. Ravender Sharma 15. Jan, 2013 at 1:15 pm

    some organisations or employees (unexempted) who do not wish to contribute towards PF, employees require to fill in the FORM 11 to declare that they are not the member of PF. Is it a right practice?

    It is right practice but its not depends on employees choice if their basic wages >6500 than he/she applicable for From 11 otherwishe he/she should be pf member.

  26. Hi Ravinder,

    If your Organization as a practice has not been incuding employeess with wages above 6500 under PF then you my continue to do that. BUt you can thave some covered and other use their choise to opt out.

  27. i check with my pf amount in EPF website …its not show anything ,,please do the needful

  28. Hi Manju
    you need to register in member portal with epfo with existing mobile no. and give your email id or give your any bank a/c. no. or pan no. as ref at the time of registration it will give pin numbers to your mobile.
    in that you can get after login your est.code and it will give montly cumulative balanced abstract


  30. Your company does not require PF registration. But if you employ you workmen at another premises which is already registered under PF or would have more than 20 workers then your workers will also have to be covered under PF under the Principle Employers code.

  31. P LAKSHMANARAO 18. Feb, 2014 at 2:53 pm

    Difference between Form3A Form6A and Form12A


  32. i need all pf foms on my email pls sen it

  33. Plz tell me which register prepare in p.f.Department

  34. Dear Madam,

    As of now no registers need to be maintained as all data is online. But this has not been officially informed by ESIC.

  35. Hi All,

    Please give some knowledge about form no.9.

  36. Dear Sir,
    I have done my post graduation in HR, I am handling a generalist profile excluding IR activites, I want to get into IR Profile, can you please guide me how to apply for Factory License and what are the forms to be submitted and who are the authority, where I need to submit this documents for process, also please guide me for Contrator, how to apply for their license and how to appoint a contractor