PF wage limit enhanced to Rs.15,000

1st September 2014 will see an increased PF contribution due to enhancement of the PF statutory wage limit by 130% from Rs. 6,500 to Rs.15,000. This social security measure will now match the ESI contribution limit.

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Let’s look at the impact of the amendment in the gazette notification dt. 22-08-2014 –

  1. The company which is currently limiting PF contribution to Rs.6500/- will now have to increase the contribution limit to the actual wages above Rs. 6500 up to maximum of Rs.15000/-. 
  2. The employees who have already opted out from PF coverage (whose basic is above Rs.6500) should be covered under the scheme incase their wages is up Rs.15000/- per month).
  3. The minimum pension amount increased from Rs.541/- to Rs.1000/- per month. 
  4. Increase in EDLI benefit by 20%.

This amendment is a double edged sword, both for the employer as well as the employee. The payout in the form of contribution is going to impact the finances of the establishment. If the employer, like in the case of a Contractor, is operating on fixed contract amount then they in for a financial shock. The figures escalate like this


Applicable Wages

Employee Contribution (12 %) Employer Contribution (13.61%)


Old PF Calculation Rs. 6500 Rs. 780 Rs. 885 Rs. 1665
New PF Calculation Rs. 15000 Rs. 1800 Rs. 2042 Rs. 3842
Difference/Increase Rs. 8500 Rs. 1020 Rs. 1157 Rs. 2177


The employer’s payout goes up by Rs. 2177 per month per employee. The employees have reasons to rejoice as their contributions would go up in case their wages were limited to Rs. 6500. But the larger workforce who are daily wagers would all not immediately appreciate the fact that this enhanced contributions are only adding to their inbdivudual PF kitty as they would rather prefer a better take home. But it is just a matter of time when each beneficiery would relook at the fact that this PF contribution would be their priced saving for the future.

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2 Responses to “PF wage limit enhanced to Rs.15,000”

  1. Ganapati Marathi 10. Sep, 2014 at 6:39 pm

    on what base pf calculate basic or gross salary.

  2. Ganapati Marathi 12. Sep, 2014 at 12:09 pm

    if a person receiving 12000. what is the pf contribution….